Proper Tree Planting

Planting and caring for a tree can be a rewarding lifelong process, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a daunting, difficult process. Keeping in mind a few simple rules and strategies and putting some thought into the placement and tree type, you should have a healthy, flourishing tree. TREE SELECTION First of […]

Root Collar Disorder

The root collar, or root flare is the part of the tree where the trunk transitions into the root system. This area of the tree is not part of the root system, and therefore not as resilient to prolonged soil and water exposure. This can be problematic when the root collar is buried underneath the […]

Fall Needle Drop

Everyone knows that deciduous trees, like Aspen and Maples, lose their leaves in the fall. Fewer people learn that evergreen trees also lose their old needles sometime in the late summer or fall. Fall needle drop is alarming and can come on fairly quickly. Typically, needle drop is most prominent on shaded sides or parts […]

The Soil Food Web

Underneath the soil there exists a vibrant, complex world of creatures and plants vying for survival. This underground ecosystem is called the soil food web. Tiny bacteria aid in the decomposition of organic matter, protozoa feed on this bacteria, nematodes consume the protozoa, which are consumed by yet larger organisms and sometimes even fungi (pictured […]

Over Irrigation

In this dry, hot summer it’s strange to think of over irrigation as a concern but, in fact, the dry season often causes a rise in the number of over irrigated trees due to overzealous watering. Water is, obviously, essential to a plant’s health. Plants need consistent application of water to stay alive and healthy. […]