Alpine Tree Service is committed to the philosophy that your landscape can be managed using ideas, principles and products that promote environmental stewardship.  We promote Integrated Pest Management, as an alternative to traditional methods, to avoid or mitigate insect and disease problems.

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Pruning of woody landscape plants on a periodic basis can prevent future problems and maintain plant health and safety. Alpine Tree Service Arborists and staff are trained in proper techniques for tree care maintenance including all aspects of pruning.

Insect and Disease Management

Alpine Tree Service is a proponent of the Plant Health Care (PHC) approach, the philosophy of considering all factors, living and nonliving that affect the well being of plants. Through Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Alpine Tree Service prevents and/or mitigates pests and diseases in the most environmentally responsible way. Our integrated approach to managing insects […]

Fertilization and Soil Care

The health and vitality of the plant begins in the soil. Alpine Tree Service works to maintain and enhance soil conditions for vigorous, strong plants. We offer an organized fertilization program, as well as our own natural soil amendments, Alpine Custom Blend and Alpine 75 Bio-Mineral Tea.

Site Inspection

The professional staff at Alpine Tree Services offers advice through site inspections. These inspections are intended to provide the basic information on the plant population of a property in order to make informed management decisions. Inspections can supply information on plant quantities, location, condition, and size and maintenance requirements. The professional staff at Alpine Tree […]

Tree Removal

Alpine Tree Service works to preserve the health and beauty of your trees, however, there are circumstances that require a tree be removed.  Our company utilizes state of the art equipment to assure the removal is safe and efficient. Our staff prides themselves on leaving your property as clean and undisturbed as possible.  Tree removal […]

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We are a full service tree care company based in the Wood River Valley and the Treasure Valley. Our professional staff is skilled in all aspects of tree care. We maintain, trim, prune, remove, fertilize, manage disease and insect problems, and evaluate your valuable trees.

Alpine Tree Service has been operating in Blaine County, Idaho since 1984.

Our staff of 21 includes four ISA Certified Arborists, eight Licensed Applicators, and a member of American Association of Consulting Arborists, extensively experienced tree trimmers, equipment operators, and specialists in soil nutrition, pest management, hazard tree removal, and fruit tree care. We stress safety, efficiency, innovation, education, and professionalism throughout our company, from new employees to senior management.

Throughout our history, Alpine Tree Service has been strongly committed to customer service, integrity, innovation, environmental stewardship, a positive and inspiring work environment and community involvement. Our expertise, methodology and ideals will continue to reflect an evolving level of knowledge as we journey into the future.

Alpine Tree Service is a dynamic company dedicated to the pursuit of forward-thinking ideas, methodology, products and services within the green industry. We continue to explore fresh and transformational knowledge and develop organic, sustainable practices and products within our company. As responsible stewards of our environment, Alpine is keenly aware of the challenges of the future.

We are actively advancing healthy alternatives to traditional methodology, including our own proprietary products, Alpine Custom Blend and Alpine 75 Bio Mineral Tea.

Above all, Alpine Tree Service values and encourages a culture of safety for our employees and customers. To further our goals of the safest work environment possible, we maintain a fleet of state of the art equipment, a structured, formal safety training program and a systematic review of job issues and their solutions.