Part of keeping your trees healthy and looking amazing is proper tree pruning.

Many folks think that anyone can go and snip here and there on their trees and all will be well. Sadly, this simply isn’t the case. Pruning is a delicate procedure that should only be performed by a licensed arborist. They will know the species of your tree and be able to identify how to prune them in a way that will minimize impact.

Alpine Tree Service arborists and staff are trained in proper techniques for tree care and maintenance, including all aspects of pruning.

Our Tree Pruning Services

Pruning young trees

  • Removing defects
  • Developing strong early framework

Pruning mature trees

  • Consideration is given to site, size, species, growth habits, and maturity
  • Crown cleaning, thinning, raising, and reduction

Pruning specialty and fruit trees

  • Techniques such as pollarding and espalier
  • Fruit trees pruned for maximum production and attractiveness

We would love to help you solve your Tree Pruning challenges.