Fertilization and Soil Care

The health and vitality of the plant begins in the soil. Alpine Tree Service works with Fertilization and Soil Care to maintain and enhance soil conditions for vigorous, strong plants. We offer an organized fertilization program, as well as our own natural soil amendments, Alpine Custom Blend and Alpine 75 Bio-Mineral Tea.

Alpine Custom Blend of Fertilization and Soil Care:
Our proprietary blend is specifically formulated to benefit the health and vigor of trees.

What Does Alpine Custom Blend do for the Soil?

  • Supports nutrient retention
  • Build soil aggregate structure
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Increases water holding capacity
  • Increases nutrient cycling into plant available forms

Alpine 75 Bio-Mineral Tea:
Our bio-mineral tea is a concentrated blend designed to provide a balanced supply of trace minerals.

  • *Our soil amendment is an all-natural actively aerated compost tea that undergoes a 72-hour production process.
  • *The amendment contains a full set of microorganisms at high biomass and activity levels to support the complex soil food web that feed plants.
  • *Beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, soluble foods, and other nutrients are extracted from high quality compost and applied to enhance soil vitality.
  • *Additional food sources are added to the tea to boost organism growth in the tea and the activity of the organisms once they reach the soil.

What Does Alpine 75 Bio-Mineral Tea do for my Soil?

  • -Concentrated blend provides a balanced supply of calcium, phosphorous and 75 trace minerals
  • -Humates in the blend hold the nutrients in the root zone for utilization by the plants and feed beneficial soil microbes
  • -Reinvigorates poor or damaged soils
  • -Feeds plants that are symptomatic of nutrient deficiencies
  • -Provides adequate nutrition to enhance plants natural defenses against pests and disease by helping to build a functional immune system
  • -Optimal use is in conjunction with Alpine Custom Blend
Wood River Valley & Treasure Valley