Tree Pruning

Pruning of woody landscape plants on a periodic basis can prevent future problems and maintain plant health and safety. Alpine Tree Service Arborists and staff are trained in proper techniques for tree care maintenance including all aspects of pruning.

Tree Pruning Young Trees

This is an important aspect of tree care.  Early structural pruning helps young trees by:

  • Cleaning out dead, dying, broken or damaged branches
  • Developing a strong framework as it grows into maturity.
  • Removing defects
  • Establishing a single, dominant leader or selecting other desired structure

Tree Pruning Mature Trees

When pruning mature trees care and consideration should be given to the site; species, growth habit, size and maturity of the tree.  Alpine Tree Service Arborists and staff employ different techniques of pruning in order to achieve the desired result.  These may include:

  • Crown Cleaning: Selectively removing dead, broken, diseased or weakly attached branches
  • Crown Thinning: Combines crown cleaning with selective removal of branches to improve light and air circulation or to reduce the wind-sail effect
  • Crown Raising: Removing lower limbs to provide clearance for vehicles, buildings, pedestrians and to improve lines of sight
  • Crown Reduction: Reducing the size of a tree while maintaining the structural integrity and natural form of the tree

Tree Pruning Specialty Trees

Our arborists are trained in the formal pruning styles to create specific shapes and growth patterns such as:

  • Pollarding
  • Espalier

Tree Pruning Fruit Trees:  Fruit trees can be pruned for maximum production and attractiveness.  Alpine Tree Service offers a complete organic Fruit Tree Care Program for fruit growing enthusiasts.

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